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2017 Scholarship Recipients

shannon burwash2

The Calgary Foundation is very pleased to announce three scholarships were awarded for 2017 from the Shannon Burwash Memorial Awards for Equine and Agricultural Studies. Qualified students from across Canada applied by June 1, 2017 for these scholarships, which were allocated as below:

Dr. Burwash said, "We were extremely impressed with all of the scholarship applicants this year, the third year that The Calgary Foundation has awarded the scholarships since Shannon's passing in 2013. We realized that there are differences in academic achievement, leadership and volunteer activities depending on the number of years a student has been involved in their studies. The changes we made for 2016, regarding the qualification criteria, have addressed these aspects and I am very pleased to say that the awards now more clearly achieve the goals of the fund."  


There are two different categories of scholarships. One category is for first or second year students(2 - $1,000 awards)
Visit: http://calgaryfoundation.org/grants-awards/student-awards/high-school-students.

and the other category is for students advancing past their second year of studies ($2,000 award) Visit: http://calgaryfoundation.org/grants-awards/student-awards/undergraduate-graduate-students..

greco otto

$2,000 to Persephone Greco-Otto (shown here with Dr. Wayne Burwash).

Persephone grew up in Toronto competing in the hunter, jumper and equitation rings. Her love of horses led her to pursue a degree in Animal Biology at the University of Guelph. While at Guelph, Persephone got involved in equine research projects and discovered her passion for research.

In 2015, Persephone moved to Calgary to pursue a Doctorate degree in Veterinary Medical Sciences with Dr. Renaud Leguillette. Her research focuses on using water treadmills to condition horses. Water treadmills are a novel tool to improve athletic performance and fitness as they provide high-resistance, but low impact exercise. This allows for improved cardio-respiratory fitness, while limiting the risk of future injuries. In her spare time, she can be found with her fiancé, mare and puppy, and exploring the mountains.





$1,000 to Jodi Graham:

Jodi was introduced to draft horses at a young age and has been involved with them for 15 years. The draft horses have always been an area of interest for Jodi.

Jodi began showing at the Olds Fair and Rodeo and soon joined the Halter and Harness Heavy Horse 4-H club where she learned the skills and knowledge required to raise, show, and work safely with draft horses. Through countless hours driving horses, Jodi has gained the experience and confidence needed to become an accomplished driver, driving everything from a single cart horse to a four-a-breast (pictured) and a four-up. Jodi continues to be a member in several groups including the Wild Rose Draft Horse Association, Alberta Percheron Club, and Alberta Equestrian Federation.   

$armstrong1,000 to Brooke Armstrong

Brooke is from Sussex, NB. She received her mare Rena from her wonderful neighbours Joe and Dianne Hornbrook in the summer of 2016, shortly before heading away to university. She was not on the market for a horse when the offer came up, but she supposes that is how most good things come about, “They find you when you're not looking!”

Brooke chose the Diploma of Veterinary Technology program with the purpose of later specializing in Equine. Now that she has Rena, she has a bigger drive to learn and succeed in both the diploma, and later the specialty, so that she can give Rena the best care possible to ensure she is a happy and healthy life long partner.

While home for the summer in New Brunswick Brooke takes riding lessons, and plans to continue into Reining lessons in Nova Scotia this year once she returns to University. She hopes to own a small boarding stable one day, while potentially breeding and showing foundation bred Quarter Horses in Reining. 


Shannon Burwash was a leader and a lover of the horse industry across Canada. To honour her legacy, these three scholarships will continue to be awarded to deserving students who are focused on getting a post-secondary education, and being involved in the horse industry in their future. 

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