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CQHA Funding/Sponsorship Guidelines

CQHA, a non-profit organization, provides financial support to events having the potential to encourage the expansion of the AQHA/CQHA membership, the marketing of the American Quarter Horse, the understanding and protection of the breed, as well as the discovery of the American Quarter Horse's many talents. CQHA is not able to help all groups seeking funding, it continues its long history of aiding those that meet the following criteria:

A number of activities can fall under this definition. These outcomes are important because they helped the Budget Committee to prioritize and establish criteria to categorize requests and to allocate funds, for the current fiscal year.


membership discounts cash.ashxGRANTS AVAILABLE:
1)    Provide up to $2,500.00 maximum to each of eight AQHA Provincial/Regional Affiliates in reimbursement for receipts covering actual costs in participating in the following event(s)/projects(s) or a combination thereof:

  • Equine trade show promotional booths;
  • AQHA test rides;
  • AQHA trail rides;
  • AQHA trail challenges;
  • AQHA special events including All Novice Shows, Ranch Horse Versatility Shows, Barrel Racing, Team Penning, Team Sorting, Cutting, etc.; 
  • AQHA Shows holding entry-level “non-approved” classes such as “grassroots”, “small-fry”, “adult walk-trot”, etc., designed to encourage new competitors;
  • AQHA racing affiliates: “a night at the races” hospitality events; or
  • Other events pre-approved by CQHA

2)    Provide up to $1,250.00 for up to 2 CRI sanctioned events (to a maximum of  $2,500.00) – in the event that only one CRI event occurs nationally, $2,500 can be applied to the one CRI event.

3)  Provide up to $1,000 for up to 4 events to promote CQHA and AQHA membership through the Versatility Ranch Horse and/or AQHA Special Event Competitions such as Reining, Barrel Racing, Team Penning, Team Sporting Cutting, etc. ( to a maximum of $4,000.00)

Events, activities, organizations or persons currently ineligible for support include:

  •     Individuals or individual pursuits (exhibitors, clinicians, trainers, breeders, etc.)   


1.    Affiliate fund requests must be submitted by March 31, each year. Affiliates may apply for one or more event(s)/project(s) which meet the criteria, but in no case will an affiliate be granted more than the maximum of $2,500.00 for event(s)/projects(s). Affiliates can additionally apply for the CRI funds and/or the VRH and/or AQHA Special Event funds.

2.    Funding proposals must be submitted in electronic format (MS Word document and/or PDF files of forms are available on the CQHA website) to the current CQHA Treasurer. Approved proposals will be confirmed by CQHA.

3.    Affiliates approved for grants through the CQHA must agree to recognize the CQHA’s contribution to the success of their activities or programs by placing the CQHA in a prominent position on their website(s) and publication(s), both prior to and following the activity or program. This includes a link to CQHA’s website and the CQHA will promote all affiliate coming events, activities or programs on its website, if provided by the affiliate, and CQHA will post digital photos taken during events, if provided by the affiliate.  

4.    Affiliates who request funding should identify the anticipated outcomes, and indicate how they may be inter-related to CQHA’s own outcomes, as stated in the “Guidelines” (page 1) of this document. The current fiscal year application form is attached. All projects applied for may be accumulated on the one application form.

5.    Affiliates who receive grants through the CQHA must agree to complete and submit a narrative/descriptive post event report of the event/project, (copy attached) and any digital photos during the event. These materials are required in a timely manner for display on the CQHA website while still newsworthy. The narrative/descriptive report should highlight the results and the significance of the funding contribution to their success. Copies of the event’s post event media/press releases would be appreciated. Please use one report form per event, and submit within 30 days following each event.  
6.    Affiliates must also submit one financial post-event report (copy attached) to complete their claim for reimbursement. This claim for reimbursement should include receipts of expenditures, for all grant period events/projects applied for by the Affiliate. This reimbursement request must be submitted by October 31st in the grant period in which the grant was applied.  Post event financial reimbursement claims, up to a maximum of  $2,500.00 per AQHA Affiliate, may include any of the following:

  • Actual costs for participating in equine trade show booths (e.g. display booth rental space, curtain rentals, display tables, booth staff event passes)
  • Actual costs for hosting AQHA test rides (e.g. facilities rentals, transportation of donor horses, stall space for donor horses, AQHA event approval fees, display booth rental space)
  • Actual costs for hosting AQHA Shows which offer “non-approved” entry-level classes to encourage new competitors (e.g. facilities rentals, judges fees, AQHA show approval fees)
  • Actual costs for managing drug screening programs
  • Actual costs for hosting AQHA trail rides (e.g. facilities rentals, AQHA event approval fees, display booth rental space)
  • In the case of racing affiliates, actual costs for hosting “A Day at the Races” (e.g. facilities rentals, entertainment, food/refreshments, etc.,) or other pre-approved projects or events, such as AQHA Regional Championship Show
  • In the case of Reining/ CRI events (e.g. facility rentals, judges fees, event approval fees etc.)

The kinds of support the Canadian Quarter Horse Association is pleased to offer applicants:

Financial support: CQHA can and does supply financial support to some events meeting the above criteria. However, given the large number of requests we receive annually, even those initiatives that meet the above criteria may be declined because of financial constraints. Click here to download the guidelines and application form (PDF file)

Submit funding applications for 2016-17 CQHA Grants by March 31, 2017 to:
Gayle Pawley-Wilson, CQHA Grants Committee Chair
  Email: grants@cqha.ca


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