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Register Your Foal

Tips on how to register your Canadian-bred AQHA foal

palomino foal

The Canadian Quarter Horse Association does NOT maintain a seperate stud book and registry. We utilize the AQHA's Stud Book and Registry system, as it saves duplication of administrative resources and costs to members. Therefore, all procedures and issues relating to registering and/or transferring your Canadian-owned and/or Canadian-bred American Quarter Horse are delivered by AQHA's Registration Department, which can be reached by telephone at 806-376-4811 (in Amarillo, TX)

 Everyone loves American Quarter Horse babies.

When it’s time to register your foal, you need to ask yourself a few questions, such as “Does my foal need to be parentage verified?”

But it takes a lot more than a sire and dam to get a foal registration in the works. One of our most frequently asked questions by AQHA members is, ‘How do I register my foal?’

Every year, AQHA mails out a pre-printed registration application (also called a breeder’s certificate) to every stallion owner who files a stallion breeding report. This application will contain pertinent information such as the sire and dam’s information, mare and stallion owner’s name and address and the breeding dates. It’s up to you, the proud owner of a new foal, to fill in the rest.

But what if you don’t have your pre-printed application? AQHA has a blank registration application available for download. This is the same form, but you have to fill in all the information that would come ready for you in the pre-printed version.

Now you need to ask yourself a few questions:

    Is my name choice available?
    Does my foal need to be parentage verified or HYPP tested?
    Do I have the proper photos of the foal?
    Do I have all the signatures I need to get my foal registered?

Once you have all of these basic things covered, you can get your markings drawn in and ship it off to AQHA with the peace of mind that it will probably go off without a hitch!

You need to be an AQHA member to register your foal. AQHA membership comes with hundreds of dollars in savings each year, plus America’s Horse magazine, free records, access to AQHA programs and events and much more. Join AQHA or renew your membership today!

If an AQHA foal registration isn’t something you do every day, it can get a little confusing. And there are a lot of scenarios that can come into play when registering your foal. Not all registrations are the same, and depending on several factors, there are some additional things you may need to do.

AQHA Customer Service is available via phone and email to conduct any necessary research for you. If you’re not the breeder of the foal you want to register, AQHA can locate the sire and dam and get the appropriate names and addresses for you. If you’re missing a signature or other pertinent information, submit your application anyway, and AQHA will attempt to contact the appropriate people for you to acquire the necessary information.

Read up on AQHA registration rules in the AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations.


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