Youth World Cup 2010 Results

team canada 2010Team Canada moved up one placing from 7th place overall to 6th place overall, as a result of AQHA's recalculation of points earned during the prestigious 2010 AQHA Youth World Cup competition, held July 3-11, in Oklahoma City, OK.

Sixteen countries sent teams - represented were Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the host country, United States.

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Team Canada highlights:

Reining: Day 1 - 8th place & Day 2 - 5th place: Paige Carter-Fleetwood aboard
Walla Please Shine

Showmanship: Day 2 - 5th place: Danielle Olafson with Almosta Boom

Trail: Day 1 - Bronze medal: Paige Carter-Fleetwood aboard Sassy, & Day 2 - 9th place: Paige Carter-Fleetwood aboard PR Zip Me Deck

Western Horsemanship: Day 1 - Silver medal: Rianna Storey aboad Almosta Boom & 6th place: Morgan Shipka aboard Sassy; Day 2 - 6th place; Morgan Shipka aboard PR Zip Me Deck & 9th place: Danielle Olafson aboard Captain Star Cruiser

Hunter Under Saddle: Day 1 - 7th place & Day 2 - Bronze medal: Danielle Olafson aboard Whispering Captive

Hunt Seat Equitation: Day 2 - 5th place: Danielle Olafson aboard Almosta Boom & 6th place: Rianna Storey aboard Whispering Captive & 8th place: Morgan Shipka aboard PR Zip Me Deck

Congratulations Team Canada - we are so proud of you! You are great ambassadors for your country.

(all results and photo below courtesy of the AQHA website)

danielle ywc 72dpiDanielle Olafson and Almosta Boom of Team Canada 2010 won the Gold medal in the Horsemanship showcase, a featured event on Saturday evening, July 10th, during the "Battle in the Saddle" show. The "Battle in the Saddle" show was held in conjunction with the 2010 AQHA Youth World Cup in Oklahoma City, OK.