Youth World Cup 2014 Results

team canada group 2014

Team Canada: Shayley Beaton, Laura Berensci, Quinn Brandt, Hannah Buijs, Haley Franc,Paige McNally, Jenna Salmon, Madison Steed, Haley Stradling.  Coach Della Cryderman, Manager Karen Westerback, and CQHA President, Haidee Landry.  Click here for link to 2014 Team Canada members' individual profiles webpage.

Every two years, Youth World Cup asks AQHYA members to represent their countries on horses they have never ridden before and often in events they have never competed in. The teams are made up of five riders who have been assigned a set of five donated horses for the event, which began July 3rd. The riding members of the team and up to five leadership team youth, who don't ride at the show, have responsibility for the care of those horses.

This year, 16 countries competed: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The competition, held in Bryant/College Station, Texas, started July 7th with two cutting shows. On July 10th and 12th, the all-around horse shows consisted of showmanship, hunter under saddle, hunt seat equitation, western pleasure, horsemanship, trail,and western riding classes. The reining class was held on July 11th with two judges, which counted as two shows. After all the competition, final points were calculated.

AQHA judges for the 2014 event were: April Devitt of Kentucky, USA and Canadian AQHA Professional Horseman Derek Hanscome of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada. Hanscome owns and operates East Coast Quarter Horses. He and his wife Anne have three daughters, including Melissa who was a  AQHYA Team Canada member in 2008. 

ywcup new logoCountry standings

    1st - USA - 158 points
    2nd - Germany - 142 points
    3rd - Australia - 116 points
    4th -  Canada - 77 points

Champion exhibitors were:

    Cutting - Jan-Niklas Barre, Germany
    Reining - Dino Lulli, Italy
    Showmanship - Shayley Beaton, Canada (gold medalist)
    Hunter under saddle - Laura Weber, Germany
    Hunt seat equitation - Kalee McCann, USA
    Western pleasure - Lana Kelderman, Australia
    Horsemanship - Carli Pitts, USA
    Western riding - Liz Stors, Luxembourg
    Trail - Gina Victoria Lia Ulveie, Norway

CQHA is very proud of the accomplishments of Team Canada during the 2014 AQHA Youth World Cup. The entire contingent of riders, alternates, team leaders, coach, manager, supportive family members, and team sponsors, all made significant contributions to the team's success and were great ambassadors for Canada.